Friday, 2 May 2014

A Beginning

Change, as the constant it is, comes often in life. Change is an end and also a beginning. As I am confronted with this old friend again, I decided to start a few new things. And so I begin this blog.

The push to get started with this blog came from this article I wrote for a rather innovative start-up called FaayaFaaya is an online tailoring/customised clothing service that intends to revolutionise how we buy our clothes. It's home run for all those people whoes designer dreams were crushed thanks to the engineer/doctor/mba fad. No seriously, you have got to check this site out!

Coming back to my blog. So well, I had to do a photoshoot as well. This, by the way, was my first stint as a model/furniture piece/pole. Did I mention how my not-very-respectful notions about modelling came down on me with a hard slap to the face? It's hard to imagine but jutting out your face to show your jawline is actually a hard job. I did, however, have fun despite the scorching sun. And the creepy onlookers.

A little background on the shoot- I have used one crop top and styled it in four different ways. Check out the Lookbook for outfit details.
Here are a few snippets:


The last picture is my favourite. I like how I look like I am staring into nothingness, introspecting life while I was actually just thinking how not to piss off my photographer/brother anymore than I already had. Modelling is a hard job I swear!

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